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          We are committed to becoming a comprehensive service provider of transformer products with priority in China and the world

          Oil-immersed power transformer Dry-type power transformer Semi-finished products

          Production site

          Operate in strict accordance with the standard of ISO90001 quality management system, strive for perfection, pragmatism and innovation, and strive to provide customers from all walks of life with high-quality products and transformer solutions that meet the characteristics of all regions

          Relying on the domestic advanced technology, production and testing equipment, the company adopts computer-aided design to provide customers with high-quality products that meet the characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation and low-carbon in various regions, so as to meet the fundamental needs of the market and different customers.


          Make the enterprise move forward to a modern large-scale enterprise of energy conservation, environmental protection and science and technology type

          It not only pays attention to the economic benefits of enterprises, but also pursues the social benefits of enterprises. Take the development path of credit management and service priority, increase the investment in science and technology, and speed up the development of enterprises.


          Adhere to the interests of customers as their own responsibility and pay attention to the R & D investment of products

          Main business

          The marketing network and service network of Tianhong Power Technology Co., Ltd. have been improved

          The company will further promote to the domestic and foreign markets. The company implements the "7 * 24 service mechanism". The company implements the after-sales service policy of one-year free replacement, three-year warranty and life-long warranty for its products. Welcome to come for consultation.

          Contact us

          # Address: No. 22, Xuhai Road, Industrial Park, Xuzhuang Town, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

          # Phone: +86-18652185732(Sales)

          # Telephone: +86-18652185732(service)

          # Email: 1920745142@qq.com

          QR code


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